New Call Tracking Service from Google for Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is a recently developed method that creates an entirely new opportunity for businesses to drive the phone calls to call centers and sales team. Google have received half a million responses to this service ever since they have started the campaign of call tracking for the mobile ads. This new metric is fully integrated into your AdWords campaign that also gives you useful information for the advertiser efforts. Two of the main method to get the calls is either by the usage of click to call ad or with listing your phone numbers at the website. Your campaign reports can give you the measure of the clicks on the click to call ads but you can’t easily measure the count of the people that clicks the phone number on the website. But with this newly introduced service from the Google, you can really do it. There will not be any charges or changes to CPCs as this is a new tracking metric. Google says that you can attribute clicks on your phone number to the AdWords campaign or keyword that brought a customer in. With the new service, people can optimize the existing AdWord tool to the one that supports the tracking of the calls. You can install a snippet code on your landing pages to start using the new metrics like Enhanced CPC and Target CPA bidding. You can also use the tools like Conversion Optimizer to set calls as conversion metric to track your landing page. The phone based leads are more qualified and a higher value than clicks says in one of the forums. Our Google Adwords PPC management services can help your website get more traffic from your target audience, and we also help the traffic to convert into sales. Contact us today for a free consultation.