Next Generation Web Designing Trends

When we look back to old website designs, we find that the whole website graphics is limited to a few color schemes just like the vintage cars. But things have changed a lot recently as eye popping graphics and user-friendly experience gave a new definition to website designing. All credits to the improvements in graphic programming languages which gives designers the freedom to bring out their creative ideas. If you are a web professional or a design enthusiast, then get ready for the next generation of web designing, which will replace the current standard soon.

Responsive Design

A good website must be able to transform optimally according to the device in which it is being loaded. It doesn’t feel good when a website designed for 1024 x 768 resolution loads on a device which supports a maximum of 1400 x 900 resolution, right? A responsive website design is the solution to this problem which allows altering the site layout to fit any device (tablet, laptop, mobile phone or any other device) that you are using. There are top five resolutions that can be considered as the standard resolutions, and the most popular one is 1024 x 768. But the surprising fact here is that the number of devices supporting this resolution is very less.  This shows that responsive design is very much necessary while building a website. This is not just an additional feature; but something which will be used as a standard in the days to be followed. For people using WordPress as their web-development platform, the good news is that, all premium WordPress themes are built making use of responsive designs.

Futuristic Styling

A good website design should be able to offer users ease of use. For example, consider the Apple iPhone applications. They have created the most user friendly applications. Another big example for futuristic styling is Microsoft Windows 8. This OS received negative comments initially while it was being launched, but very soon people began liking the operating system due to its sleek design and more user-friendly interface than the previous versions.

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