On site SEO Optimization for WordPress

Optimizing the wordpress title tags This is one of the most ignored topics by bloggers. Using your wordpress title tags wisely can help boost your page rank significantly. The best method is to use the permalinks in the <category><post-title> format. Though adding the date option impresses Google, it also helps the users to find how old the post is. Interlinking your blogposts Interlinking is an excellent option to spread the optimization process evenly on your wordpress site. Especially when you have around 100 posts in your blog, interlinking comes in very handy. Suppose you have a Post A which is very popular and has a higher page rank and a Post B which is not a popular one and has a lower page rank. Interlinking A and B will help Post B to attain a higher page rank courtesy Post A. By doing this, you can make sure that none of your pages look less important for search engines. Optimize your categories Always use keywords in your categories. Try to make your categories as natural as possible with the targeted keywords included. There is no point in creating categories which doesn’t make any sense with the content. For example, many blogs will have a category called “Misc.” But if the category was renamed to say, “Non SEO Tips” it would draw in more crawlers searching for non SEO tips. Optimize the footer text Footers are small texts that appear below your blog template. But in wordpress there are many templates having large footer text. Instead of adding stuff like “Your domain.com Copyright etc “in the footer, try to include “Yourdomain.com, Your keyword or your blog description with your keyword with a link to one of the most vital pages in the blog. This might be outdated SEO, as the new algorithms have upgraded and treat footer text links differently from the rest of the content. However, its still good to have meaningful text in the footer. WordPress being a CMS platform makes it easy to add content to your site . Gazelle Interactive offers award-winning web design and development solutions which help improve search engine ranks and get you rapid results.