Online Marketing Strategies Post Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update that was rolled out on April 24 shook the SEO industry worldwide. Though Google claims the update affected only 3.1% of total search queries, the SEO industry believes that the update had far reaching affects than the previously rolled out Panda update, which Google claimed to have affected about 12 % of search query.

If you were hit by the Penguin update or have reasons to fear so, the most obvious question is, “what now??” As Google is giving a clear signal with the Penguin update that it won’t tolerate any kind of spamming or black hat SEO tactics, you need to reconsider your decisions on using such strategies. Here are some tips which could be very useful in online marketing especially after the Penguin update.

Diversify Your Traffic Source Do not rely on Google as your sole traffic source. This is a completely flawed strategy. Use other marketing options such as email marketing and social media to bring in more traffic.

Improve User Experience While most of you put in a lot of effort to drive traffic to your website, it is a common mistake to not work much on the user interface. A good and feature rich user interface is a must for attracting visitors keeping them visiting your page again. Moreover, Google Penguin now gives more importance to the user experience factors and is taking strict measures against those sites which offer a poor user experience.

Content Based Strategy There is no alternative to high quality content in SEO business. Provide your visitors with good quality content on a regular basis. Engage in blogging activities related to your business or service. It is usually seen that many companies do have a blog, but are rarely updated. If your blogging results in an increase in traffic, do not stop it there. Instead, try to increase the frequency of the updates and keep the blog alive. The Penguin update is known to give high importance to quality content that is being updated regularly.

Use Social Media Efficiently Social networking websites is where all your customers are now! Make sure that you have a presence in almost all of the major social networking websites. Start a page for your business and tweet about interesting facts and information about your business or service and be involved in discussions. Begin contests and other activities to promote your product and attract visitors to your website.

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