Only Keywords are Important, Not the Audio fora Video Search

  Have you ever thought how a video is rated in Google or YouTube? It is not the content that rates the video. There are many other factors that counts in ratings of videos. It is the text about the video that is given prominence by search engines rather than the content. The search algorithm mainly looks into the title of the video. Similarly the description and tags inserted by the person who had uploaded the video will also be taken into account. Again annotations on the video may also play a role. Apart from the descriptions, a video can be ranked high in search results by few other things like:
  1. how many times the video is seen
  2. the number of likes the video has received
  3. how often it was added to a playlist
Some problems are seen in the textual content associated with a video. The main issue with the description is that it may not describe videos exactly especially when it is too long with a large number of scenes and a variety of content. Also on a site with lots of videos, the number of results received for a query may be on the large side. Another common mistake is that the search engine might take the first frame, center frame or last frame of the video to let people decide which video can meet their queries. So these thumbnails may not be the exact content of the video. The metadata associated with a video, such as title and description might be the ones used by search engines. Many times, users leave the video once they find it do not contain the relevant information they are looking for. So providing additional data from the content of a video can always improve the result of a video search. Optimizing Google Video Ads is very important in search engine marketing. Call us for a free consultation.