Optimizing Your Business Website for Mobile Search

The number of mobile phones used to access the web is increasing day after day. If you are a business owner, then this is great news for you as the mobile market can give a boost to the traffic to your website. But in order to make full use of this, you should make sure that your site is mobile friendly and optimized for mobile search. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind when optimizing for mobile search.

Mobile Users Prefer Short Search Terms No matter what type of keypad you have on your mobile device, it is awkward to type long strings of text. Long tail keywords which consist of 4 or more words might bring more traffic to a site but many users may prefer 2 words at most, while doing mobile search.

Keep Your Pages Short As the screens of mobile devices are small and reading long pages is difficult on a tiny screen, it is always advised to keep your pages short. So be careful not to overload your pages with irrelevant stuff which will have an adverse affect.

Mobile Users Search for Local Stuff In addition to short keywords, include keywords to target local customers. It’s simple logic, that if a person is looking for a place to dine, he is most probably looking for a place that is nearby. So always try to include location in keywords whenever possible.

Don’t Forget Meta.Txt Meta.txt is a special file, where you briefly describe the contents of your site and point the user agent to the most appropriate version for it. Each field in the file has the following syntax form <fieldname> :< value>. One of the advantages of meta.txt is that it is easily parsed by humans and search engines.

Mobile search is relatively new but it is a safe bet that it will get a huge boost in the near future. If the volumes are high, or if a particular keyword is doing remarkably well in the mobile search segment, invest more time and effort to optimize for it.

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