Optimizing Your YouTube Video for More Visibility

YouTube Video Visibility

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world, with a large number of videos being getting uploaded every minute. Among these millions of videos, how do we make sure that our content stands out from the millions of videos uploaded worldwide? Here are a few tips on how you could optimize YouTube video visibility.

1. Create Great Content

Of course, the content has to be great. It needs to be informative and entertaining so that users will like & share them via Emails or social networking sites. Care should also be taken to ensure that the content of the video is not outdated and includes the most recent updates on the topic.

2. Tagging & Titles

The better you optimize the Title, tags & description for the video, the more chances it has to be found. These help search engines to categorize your video effectively & help users to easily get to it when they search using various keywords. The description section allows you to provide a very detailed information on the video.

3. Transcribing Videos

Transcribing and uploading closed-caption files are another way of associating text to your videos. A transcribed video also helps in SEO efforts as Google or other search engines won’t be able to find much about your video apart from title and description. Translating the videos can help Google index your videos and may even start the video playing at the point where the search term was used.

4. YouTube Annotations

To improve the user engagement & viewership, call to actions can be used not only in description, but also in annotations. But too much usage of annotations can be distracting for the viewer too. Proper usage can help viewers stay on video &, and can also be used to direct them to another video or share them with friends.

5. Watch Time & Playlist URL

Another important factor that YouTube values is the ‘watch time’. It considers how long a viewer is staying on one video and therefore improving the watch time has become very important. Marking a video as part of a playlist can improve the watch time & YouTube automatically plays the next video in the playlist at the end of each video. It is also recommended to share the complete playlist URL if you are looking to promote multiple videos on social media platforms.

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