Paid Advertising Trends: What to Focus in 2014


Digital advertising is one area which witness a lot of strategy changes every now and then. Advertisers try their best to understand user behavior and try to optimize their ads keeping the audience in mind. As the user behavior trend changes across devices & platforms, advertisers modify their strategies to make sure that the ROI is maximum. Here is a glimpse of what search advertisers will be focusing in 2014.


Optimization Based on Audience

Search has always contributed a lot to understanding the user intent behind queries. For instance, we know (based on data) that both the keywords California hotels and Florida hotels generate clicks. But it can be assumed that people searching for California hotels are older & wealthier than those who would search for Florida hotels, who might most likely be cash-strapped younger people.

This information helps advertisers to allocate more value & tome in creating strategies that would drive these older prospective customers to their website.  This helps businesses to acquire more customers with higher lifetime value.


Industry-Specific Ad Formats

The huge rise in PLA adoption by advertisers is a clear indication of where paid search advertising is heading. Richer & relevant, industry specific ad formats are likely to dominate in coming days. One good example is Google’s Hotel Price Ads (HPAs), which is geared towards the travel & leisure industry. The same could be expected soon in automotive, finance category as well.


ROI from Social

Social ROI will be a heavy focus for advertisers as social media publishers begin competing for ad budgets and user attention. Page post ads, promoted tweets, and promoted pins are just some of the ad formats that represent the three largest social media players: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

ROI from the 3 major social media marketing platforms, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest will be the prime focus of advertisers using promoted tweets, promoted pins & page posts. Facebook currently accounts for a major chunk of social media activity while Pinterest takes the lead in e-commerce related sharing. Twitter is also a very effective medium to spread the word about your brand and drive traffic to your website.



One of the biggest challenges advertisers faced last year was optimizing for mobile devices. The sheer variety of devices & platforms in use makes it a very complicated, yet highly important area of focus for advertisers.

It is not an easy task to track & attribute conversions back to mobile devices. The problems are manifold including the fact that cookies are not passed across devices, which makes it difficult to re-target prospects. Creating mobile optimized landing pages is also not an easy task. It is expected that advertisers will work towards addressing these challenges by investing more in technology in 2014.


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