PPC Ads For Targeting Mobile Users

Contrary to the belief, pay-per-click ads are not similar across devices and even the strategies that go behind the creation of these PPC ads across the platforms are different. While mobile users are most likely to be viewing an ad while on the move, the desktop users will be probably viewing the same ad while at home and seated comfortably. Mobile users being on the go require the information quickly and therefore are ideal to be targeted for PPC ads on local services and less-significant products like ringtones and wallpapers. Ads on more serious things like loan, insurance and cars are ideal to target desktop users.

If you wish to target mobile users with PPC ads, then you must consider the following strategies to get the best returns:

Include Google Maps

The PPC ads related to local services are best suited for the mobile users. Mobile users are more likely in search of certain services like restaurants, movie theatres, cafés and bookstores in particular areas. Including the Google maps and Google places in your ads can be highly beneficial in this regard.

Ad Words

A very successful method employed in PPC ads for mobiles is incorporating the location and phone extensions. These extensions allow the phone numbers of the quoted business appear as links that can be clicked upon to make the call or lead the user to the desired landing page.

Mobile Applications

In case you do not have a mobile site or landing page, you can send them to the android market or the app store specific to the device. This would help the customer to download some free app, which could be beneficial for you as the user can access the app whenever he wants.

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