How to Ensure Accurate PPC Conversion Tracking

A PPC campaign is said to be complete and successful if you are able to accurately track the conversions. PPC conversion tracking forms the most important part of any PPC advertising and management campaign. For this, you must make sure that the conversion tracking tags are placed correctly and that they are working properly, which can be checked with routine checking at least twice a year. Here are ways on how to ensure accurate PPC conversion tracking:
  1. View Conversion tracking in the platform: To manage conversion tracking in the platform, you would have to manage the analytics settings where you can see what goals have been set.
  2. Google Analytics: This helps in double checking the PPC conversion numbers because the number of conversions seen in AdWords is roughly the same number in Analytics.
  3. View Page Source: The “View Page Source” option can be checked to ensure that the correct Google tag is being used for ppc conversion tracking. However, in case you are using Google Chrome, you can take the help of the Tag Assistant as it allows the users to check the tags on a webpage.
  4. Tag Manager: To set up tracking or consolidate them at one place for easy management, the Tag Manager can be used. When the tags are published, the Tag Manager gives the option to preview them before they are set live. This is a way to ensure that the tags are working properly.
  5. Test Conversion: In case the conversion being tracked is a form submission, it can be checked by completing a test conversion. You can fill the form and submit the required information. Once the form is complete and you reach the thank you page, you can check the tag through the Tag Manager. This way you can properly utilize ppc conversion tracking.
PPC marketing is definitely a great way to advertise and get conversions. For a successful PPC campaign and other techniques of search engine optimization for your website, get in touch with PPC experts at Gazelle Interactive.