PPC Copywriting Tips that Can Be Applied in SEO

Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand to a great extent. There are many tips and tweaks you can learn from PPC and apply in SEO and vice versa. Even a minor tweak may lead to huge increase in the Click through Rate or CTR. Below we discuss a few of the commonly used tactics in the PPC world which finds its importance in SEO as well.

Try Using Exclamation Points!

Exclamation points can really help you push a message you are trying to convey. Try this in your SEO titles, you will see the results. For instance, “Buy Now!!” seems to be more convincing and prompting than a simple “Buy Now”.

Use Data and Evidence

Try to make use of facts in your copywriting. For instance, instead of using “AdWords remarketing can increase conversion”, stating “AdWords remarketing can increase conversion up to 40%” adds more credibility to the statement.

Try Virtual Dynamic Keyword Insertion

People generally tend to click on those search results which they believe is directing to the specific product they searched. This technique, known as the Dynamic Keyword Insertion in PPC is aimed at anticipating the various terms people use for searching.  For instance, if a person searches for “wifi enabled mobile phones”, he is more likely to click on an ad that says “wifi enabled mobile phones” rather than clicking on something like “All mobile phones.”

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