Problems with YouTube Uploading? You Have Good News!

There was an announcement from YouTube; David from YouTube announced that they have added a new feature for YouTube video upload tool at the YouTube Help forums. David said there is a new feature implemented so as to help the users to continue their video upload even after it fails. This is a problem faced by many of the YouTube users because of some internet connection problem or accidentally closing the browser and then you have to start all over again. Earlier, several hours were needed to upload videos and it was incredibly frustrating for the users. If you use Chrome of Firefox 4 or higher, the YouTube uploader will allow you to resume your upload. David explained that YouTube has already begun 100% resumability support for the XHR uploader. He added that they are removing the old Java uploader which was one of the methods to do this. So if you have a supported browser (Chrome or FF4+) you can surely upload, pull the plug resume and expect it to pick up from where it left off. He says that the resumability is consistently more reliable than the java uploader. YouTube is planning to get rid of Java Uploader entirely once they are completely confident in the effectiveness.

Larry from YouTube stated:

“The XHR uploader (which is the mechanism used if you access the upload interface with Chrome or Firefox 4+) supports unlimited file sizes. Notice that if you access the uploader with one of these supported browsers 2 GB will not be listed as a restriction. The uploader will run a checksum against previously attempted uploads. So, if you upload to 50% and experience a crash, when you attempt to upload the same video again the progress bar will jump back to 50%, and your upload will continue. Keep an eye out for this around 5 PST and let me know if you have positive or negative experiences with it.” Our Search engine optimization packages can really help you to attain a higher page rank and better search engine results.
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