Questions to ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency


You may wonder why people hire a PPC agency, after all PPC advertising is a simple process of setting  text or image ads. Well the truth is, to run a successful campaign, a lot of research, planning, and hard work is involved. This is exactly the reason why people depend on professionals to run and manage their paid advertising campaign. To ensure that the agency you hire does their job right, you should ask a few questions before entrusting your work to them.

What are the exact services they provide? Usually when you hire an agency, you expect them to carry out all the tasks associated with PPC advertising, from creating ads, running and maintaining campaigns. Some claim to be a full service agency but, won’t give their 100%. Before hiring an agency, you should understand clearly their responsibilities, how transparent their services are, and the level of access they will give you. Agencies that deny complete access to view their work are not trustworthy. Besides, you won’t be able to evaluate their service.

Transparency is something we maintain at Gazelle Interactive, so that our clients know exactly what we are doing.

Do they have dedicated teams to manage different activities? PPC advertising involves a number of tasks and without the help of designers, PPC experts and content specialist, campaigns won’t run successfully. If you are convinced that your agency has paid search professionals and the sufficient expertise in the industry, then you have hired the right one.  

With the support of a dedicated team you can be sure that your campaigns are monitored regularly and your Cost Per Actions (CPAs) are as low as possible, thereby generating an acceptable  ROI.

Who is the person responsible for your Campaign? Understanding the manager of your campaign is as important as understanding the agency. You will be working closely with the manager and if you are not satisfied with the person’s credentials or capability, it will affect the overall work performance. Working with too many people at the agency can lead to miscommunication.

What are you paying for? Agencies that are transparent about their fees are the ones you would want to work with. Whether they take commission for the work completed or use a flat rate system, you should get the value for your money. In short, you should be clear about the fee structure they follow. Here, I have covered the most important questions to ask before hiring a PPC agency. However, you should understand that no question is dumb and you should get all your questions cleared before investing. For any further questions regarding PPC advertising, get in touch with our experts now.