Questions to Ask before Starting a PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click will get you the biggest bang for your buck.  You may have heard some people tell you that they have benefitted from pay-per-click advertising and some others tell you they have wasted a lot of money on it. It leaves you with this big question, why the wide disparity in the success of this method. The success of a PPC campaign depends on several factors, like how it is effectively planned and implemented, and so on. First of all, you need to analyze if PPC is a viable option for your business and most importantly, find answers to the below questions.   Are potential buyers searching for your services or products? Pay-per-click campaign will be effective only if prospects are searching for your products and services. If you don’t have people searching for what you offer, then there is no point in investing in PPC. Can I do without PPC? Determining if you actually need a PPC campaign is certainly an important factor you should consider. Running a PPC campaign can be expensive and you should find out if you can do without PPC. Often, just optimizing your website or sending effective newsletter emails can meet your marketing purpose. If you cannot make up your mind as to whether PPC is a good option for your business or not, we can help you. What is the goal of your Pay Per Click Campaign? Before you take any further steps you should have a clear idea about the goals you want to achieve through your PPC campaign. Define your goals in such a way, that they guide you through the campaign. It is not wise to change the goals in between. To get a better idea of your goals, ask yourself questions like.
  • What are you trying to achieve with this campaign?
  • When do you want your pay per click campaign to be completed?
  • Do you have specific outcomes in mind for your campaign?
What keywords and terms are people searching to find services similar to what you offer? Finding the right keywords is important for a successful PPC campaign. While selecting the keywords and terms you need to be specific so that you don’t waste money on unqualified traffic. The terms you choose should match the actual terms potential buyers are using, not the terms you want to use. Does My Ad Copy Match the Search Terms? When you write ad copy you should make sure it matches and is relevant to the search terms. Also, don’t forget to focus on unique selling propositions or special offers that your company offers. Is the landing page specific? Landing page should be created keeping in mind the terms and keywords focused on your ad copy. If it fails to match the topic then the conversions will reduce drastically. Clear calls-to-action should be included in the landing pages. A well designed landing page should tell the user what to do next and get them engaged. Can you manage your PPC campaign on your own? If you have employees who have experience in running PPC campaigns you can manage the campaigns in-house. However, if you wish to see big numbers from your PPC campaigns right away, you need to consider hiring experts.