SEO – The Changing Strategies & What Lies Ahead!


The SEO industry has witnessed some of the major algorithm updates form Google in 2013, including the Hummingbird update. But what does it mean for websites  and what are the likely SEO strategies going to be used  post hummingbird update? This article will provide a glimpse into where SEO is heading.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content is undoubtedly of the important part of any search engine optimization & marketing strategy. It is all about valuable content that is optimized to target the specific audience. The Google Hummingbird update, which made a lot of news recently, came with the semantic search capability, using which the search engine can grasp the meaning of the search query through synonyms. This reemphasized the importance of relevant and valuable contents in today’s SEO strategies. The freshness of the content has also become a factor for getting quality backlinks, by freshness it means the article should be up to date with latest information on the topic

Online Audience Optimization

The OAO or Online Audience Optimization is about optimizing the content by focusing more on what user or site visitor wants to know. It includes high quality content and involves the use of social networks, blogs and articles to target the audience. OAO is really going to be a game changer as per the experts in the industry.

Enhancing Search Results Using Semantic Search Information

The Google now uses Knowledge Graphs that are knowledge bases which helps in finding the accurate results for a search query. Normally if a user needs to find the answer for a query he must navigate to different links provided in the search results and assemble the information themselves and resolve it; but creating content keeping the users in mind will in turn let knowledge graph use the content more effectively.

Authority of Website Authors & Social Media Profiles

The higher the authority of your website, the more exposure your website receives. Make use of social media, especially Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. to promote and share your posts. Implement Google Authorship markup to link between your website and Google+ profile. This increases the credibility and authority of the website among users as well as search engines.

Mobile Search Optimization

The percentage of search made from mobiles is increasing at a very high rate, Optimizing your website to target these mobile users is crucial to the success if any website. Factors such as loading time and resolution are very important to make sure that users engage with your site.

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