SEO Strategies After Penguin Update

The Penguin update rolled out by Google affected many of the websites to lose their rankings and traffic. As a result, business owners and SEO companies had to redesign their marketing strategies to get good rankings again on the various search engines.

The Penguin update should actually not be viewed as a penalty, but as a change that is imminent to maintain the competition and strategies of online marketers. With this update, the SEO experts now have to tweak their strategy to incorporate the changes so that they can once again get their websites rank higher in search engine results.

SEO companies are aware of the challenges of the market and therefore, can apply strategies that are productive in producing effective results. With the Penguin update, the importance of SEO has only increased.

The companies are using strategies that get their customers’ websites past Penguin and these include:

Updating the Link Profile

Websites usually employ tactics like building back links to their sites to get high traffic. However after Penguin update, stress is given on diluting the link profiles and acquiring relevant links from genuine sources and not dubious ones as the search engine crawlers. Also the companies would have to remove the side wide links as they are sure to be flagged.

Maintain the Same URL

SEO companies that suggest frequent changes to the URL will have to take note that keeping the same URL makes more sense as there is a high probability of a potential snip of the link values that might be relevant to the page when ever there will be a 301 redirect.

Relevant Content

SEO companies will also have to ensure that the content on the website is relevant to the targeted audience. They should analyze and filter the keywords and content so that it is better and more specific.

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