SEO Strategies For 2013

As 2012 is coming to an end, companies are working hard on their strategies to get better results and rankings in the coming year. While the existing strategies would work even during the next year, there are certain things that have changed during the course of 2012 which needs to be addressed. Here are some SEO strategies for 2013.

Comply With the Algorithm Changes

It is highly imperative that the companies concentrate on understanding the changing search algorithms. The Panda and Penguin updates by Google have really made the SEO experts think. The strategy for 2013 should be to focus on quality back links instead of huge number of spammy backlinks.

Optimize With a Purpose:

Optimize with a clear purpose as people would be looking for relevant and high quality content. Companies should concentrate on the quality of the content. Therefore, providing targeted information would be the order of the day.

No Keyword Stuffing:

The strategy for 2013 would be to stay ahead of competitors in providing information. The keywords used should be placed strategically so that they are not clouded but are placed such that they flow with the content. Provide links to relevant sources which might be useful for users to find more information.

Feedback & Comments:

Comments & feedback mark the beginning of a relationship that can be extended to connect with the potential customers. Therefore, companies should work on putting up anti-spam tools that would segregate the real comments from the spam comments and use these to connect with users.

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