SEOmoz Toolbar for Firefox Gets Heavily Loaded with Features

In my blog I am interested to give you some relevant information about Firefox toolbar. We have launched MozBar V2 which is the biggest update we have done to toolbar in the previous year. It includes great new features. The different features and process that are done are:-
  1. 1. Enhanced keyword and link highlighting:
We offer the ability to highlight no-follow links. We have also added it with the ability to highlight keywords so it easily allows you to access keywords.
  1. 2. Ability to make custom search profiles based on country, region on search engine:
This latest feature allows you to save about 10 search engine profiles which are commonly used. You just have to run a search from your search engine and then the SERP control panel opens up on the right side of page.
  1. 3. CSV export from SERP results pages:
On control panel you will have the ability to send the results page along with all high level data which is shown in SERP.
  1. 4. To see IP location at a glance:
A new button is provided with flag which shows the toolbar when you surf on web. This toolbar tells the country from which the website is hosted.
  1. 5. Many improvements done to for fast data transfer:
A new type of drop in lets you to switch between sub domains and root domains. It is available in the domain metrics section of the toolbar. There are now clickable link counts in the toolbar which takes you straight to Open site explorer.