Simple Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

Currently a lot of users around the world are using WordPress platform for blogging and web development. Themes are an integral part of any WordPress website. A relatively new user will always look forward for new themes than modifying a predefined theme. Here, we will discuss the possibilities of modifying and improving a WordPress theme rather than trying a new one.

Optimizing Theme Image Size

For any WordPress theme, images are considered as the most important part. Sometimes, the core theme developers may not optimize the image as you need it. Every image in a WordPress theme includes CSS background images, template logos, default stock images, icons, and more.

A perfect tool for optimizing image for your WordPress theme is Photoshop, which is a good image editing application, offering a lot of features. For better lossless image optimization, it is convenient to use Yahoo!™. This image optimization tool squeezes out the extra file size without quality loss.

Other commonly used tools for image optimization are Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT), PNGOUT, Online Image Optimizer, SuperGIF, PNGGauntlet, PNGCrushrrr and SuperPNG.

Custom Favicon

A favicon gives the website a professional identity. Before working on a new website, make sure that your WordPress theme has a favicon.  There are lots of favicon generators available online, which can help you generate a good custom favicon.

Or else, just paste this following code inside the header.php, which you can find from the theme directory.

<link rel=”icon” href=”favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />

(Change the href attribute value according to the Favicon.ico file location)

Modifying WordPress Image Captions

It is always necessary to set some image captions to any image that you are posting. Style the image caption using CSS properties. (Use the wp-caption class in your styles.css)

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