Simple Tools Can Give Stable Result

Without fancy tools, you can build links in a fantastic way. Many times, the SEO techniques can be applied with so simple steps rather than trying out all complex methods that are time consuming and expensive. With a simple email program, spread sheet and Google, you can work wonders. The following are a few steps to follow along with using the three programs above:

  • Use Google to find your link targets: Try manually to get target links by using your own advanced search queries rather than depending on other tools.
  • Find contact details and record it in your spreadsheet: When you have a quick look through the site, you will get a feeling whether or not this site is relevant to you. If you find it relevant, you can add it to your spreadsheet. Do not use any tools to record these sites. You should learn what data you are capturing about each link target.
  • Email the link target after getting the contact details: Once you are done with the preparation of spread sheet, you can send emails to those contacts.
  • Track your progress in a spread sheet: Do not depend on tracking tools as it collects too many data that are really not important. Find it manually and mark the progress of your website in a spreadsheet.
  • The follow up or response: if you haven’t received any responses from your contacts, send a follow up mail. If they still did not reply, leave them. And if you get a response, make sure you reply them promptly.
  • Record links secured: Prepare a note of the links that you have secured in your spreadsheet that should include URL, anchor text, page being linked to, cache date, domain authority and page rank
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