Social Media Marketing and Short Films

Marketing dates back to the turn of the century with many theories dating back to the ancient world. Fast forward to 2010. Radio and print are dead. Television is too expensive. The best way to get your product(s) or service(s) out there in a cost effective way is the internet. Google has adwords and analytics. These products will help you increase your ranking and presence on the web. Now we have Social Media Marketing to help even further. Social media marketing is all about increasing your web presence and creating a buzz about your brand. A buzz is what makes social media marketing work. It replicates a message through user to user contact, rather than the traditional method of purchasing of an ad or promoting a press release. Everybody is circling this whole new world right now trying to figure out how to execute and maximize it. We have Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter and many many others. But social media isn’t just about big networks. It is about brands having conversations with the consumer and its own identity of its own. One way to get your message out there is short films. Today everyone has a video phone or digital camera or even a fit in the palm of your hand video cameras that shoot in HD. Short films will be the wave of the future in marketing. You can create your own content and deliver it directly to the consumer. The best part about short films is that you can create them with a huge budget or only a shoe string budget. Make them as simple or as elaborate as you want. You are the director. However you should keep the video short and sweet so as to keep the consumer engaged. You want to create an amusing or compelling message. Any company that is not on the Internet and part of this viral game is just not happening. Don’t let it pass you by… Paris Vardakas
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