Some Common Social Media Mistakes

No matter you are a small company or large, there are chances that you are taking part in the social media phenomena that has gripped the world in recent years. To avoid potential mistakes in social communication, there are some important practices businesses should avoid when using social media.
  • Over Promoting – We all know the how big nuisance is that you get emails and other electronic forms of transmissions from individuals and companies wanting to alert us to a product, sell us something or just want our attention. If you give too much promotional information, you risk turning off your followers (current and potential customers).
  • Lack of engagement – When a follower comments about your business via Facebook, Twitter etc., what you do normally? While you should not get caught up in an on-going discussion or dispute with a follower, responding in brief shows your interest in a follower’s question, comment or concern. It is important to create a relationship with those who follow you; you’re giving them an ear and keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Leaving your social media profile to chance – While more and more companies try and do more with less, giving spotty attention to your social media efforts will end up costing you followers and potential sales down the road. Simply creating an account will not get the job done; manage it and be sure it receives the necessary attention to bring in a regular stream of followers.
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