Some important Tools to Create Perfect Blog Post Graphics

  Before talking about various tools to create blog post graphics you must know what is the need for making our own graphics.Blog posts are always package deal; exceptional writing can be hampered by boring or cliché pictures or videos, formatting, design, and accessibility. You don’t have to be a Photoshop pro to create some amazing transformations and customizations, especially with the all tools available to you now. Here are a few great ones to check out: Pixlr This photo editor has many features to add on to your photos. One of the popular features is the Retro Effects. This feels like a well liked photography apps like Instagram. This does a fantastic job of giving your image a unique look. Jing This is one of the easiest screen-cast software which can be used for your blog post graphics. There are shortcut keys at the top of the screen that provides with much of the editing features. Splashup Splashup is an online equivalent of Photoshop because of the easiness of its usage.It even has layer capabilities (if you’re into that sort of thing). This was the program I found easiest to take an image and blur parts of it before republishing. Lunapic It has got so many similar features as that of Splashup,but what really sets it apart are some of the preset effects and additions, rather than the core editing features. It also has fantastic option of creating GIF animations.   Our Search engine optimization packages can really help you to attain a higher page rank and better search engine results.
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