Some of the Best Blog Commenting Systems

  Blog Comments have always been effective tool for engaging blog readers and thereby developing good personal relationships with them. Most of the people shift from using WordPress native system to 3rdparty system that allows users to track the conversations even after commenting. Some of the most favoriteblog commenting platforms are: DISQUS: This is one of the top pick. Some of the interesting features of DISQUS are:
  • There are many flexible options for management of comments, comment moderation, comments template appearance and access control.
  • Notification system is too good that it will allow authors to know whenever a comment is left and also the commenter is informed when author has responded via email. This help in sound conversion.
  • Easy ability to import and export new and old WordPress comments.
  • Integration with social media and the display of reactions and trackbacks in the comments.
Intense Debate Intense Debate is another favorite blog comment system which is quite similar to DISQUIS with some of those good features everyone looks for. Some of the attractive features include:
  • It has got a better design than that of DISQUS.
  • Good at combating spam with lot of options for comment moderation and management.
  • They have some social media integration but not to the level of DISQUS’ product.
  • Easy to import & export old WordPress comments.
LiveFyre LiveFyre is another real-time blog comments system similar to DISQUS and Intense Debate in terms of functionality. Our Search engine optimization packages can really help you to attain a higher page rank and better search engine results.    
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