Start Knowing About Joomla SEO

Joomla SEO is often looked as the tool to the Joomla website development cycle. Joomla is very user friendly and can be installed very easily without knowing exactly the software scripts. Joomla is a well known open source released under GNU General Public License and also has good content management solutions available other than WordPress. Comparing Joomla to WordPress, Joomla is the best content management systems for designers, web developers. Generally it is weak at the search engine optimization but it creates a good SEO friendly URLs. It needs to be activated in the Global Configuration section of your website. To do it, open the Global Configuration section, where you will find the SEO settings on the top right of your page. Enable the first three options that relates to ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’, ‘Use URL Rewrite’ and ‘Add Suffix to URL’. The next step is to create the content. To do it, browse to Content > Article manager > Add a New Article. The content must be unique. You may refer, but do not copy the articles of the similar industry. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can identify this copying. There are many Joomla SEO package available now. By the purchase you can make sure that your site will get a good ranking at the search engines. It is a way by which your websites gets success in the search engines. Joomla will be the best tool for you to create your website, if you are looking for a good platform. If you are interested to know more about Web Design, Content Management System Design (WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) visit our website.
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