Structure Your Account and Burgeon With Adwords

Getting the most out of Adwords requires getting the basics right and more importantly ongoing experimentation in this area.

Adwords Essentials

Adwords works like an auction where you can bid on certain key phrases and set a daily budget for your ads.You write your ads and choose relevant keywords. When a potential customer searches, all the ads with keywords related to your search termsare shown as ‘sponsored’ ads. Your ads can also appear on relevant websites in their content network.  

Structuring Account

Effective structuring of your account will create great impact on your Adwords campaign. A little organization will make it much easier to create quality ads. Your account is split into campaigns and each campaign into ad groups. You can think of these as categories and subcategories. Each campaign should focus on a specific product range or area of your business and then each ad group should be even more specific and focus on a subcategory of the main campaign topic. A well-structured account should not only provide you with better results it will also make your advertising easy to manage!

Tips from Google for Structuring

  • Give each campaign a suitable name. Make sure you can identify your campaigns easily. This will make tracking and editing your campaigns much simpler.
  • Split each campaign into ad groups. Ad groups let you segment your campaigns into multiple parts to achieve even greater focus and simplicity.
  • Stick to one theme per campaign.
  • Try to aim for at least three ad groups per campaign.
  • Just like campaigns, each ad group should have one common theme.
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