Submitting Same Article to Multiple Directories

If you have some 25 articles ready to be submitted and not so sure about the good practices in submitting articles across various sites, you can go through this article and get a good picture of it. So here are some of the facts about article submissions on multiple directories. Now what you have to understand is that the preference will be given to the original post, wherever this particular article is first posted and indexed first. The whole credit for the unique content will surely go to that site. Article Directory submissions are going to help only if they allow these following: Any kind of link to your site – There are many article directory sites which provide much of exposure and chance of more people visiting your site. That means more traffic to your site and you can definitely go with such sites. Anchor Texts – There are many sites that allow anchor texts within the article, whereas some won’t. So choose the ones which allow hyperlinks and select the best keywords that are suitable for your web site. Search for a bio section – Bio Sections are a good advantage since they allow the users to have a signature in every article they post. It also allows them to use different keywords as anchor texts in each of the article they post. Static URL – Check if they are providing some static URL that you can promote, link to, pass page rank and traffic to in other ways. Most of the people who submit articles have no idea why they are doing so. Mostly they miss out on using proper keywords, filling the bio sections for links and keywords and some don’t even bother to give the readers an opportunity to know more about the author. Since this is a very powerful factor that helps in internet business. We can provide you best of the Social Media Marketing packages that are going to aid you on getting much attention and thus creating more business. Call us for free consultation.