Survey on People’s choice of Liking and Unliking at Facebook

Surveys have been conducted on people’s approach to the advertisements and brand pages in Facebook. The most important reason why the US Facebook users have not liked a company on Facebook is that they don’t want to be bombarded with messages or ads. 54% of the people claimed this as the reason. The second most voted reason was that they did not like the companies to access their profiles, to which 45% of the people agreed. Some other does not want their friends and contact to see what they actually liked. A smaller portion of the people does exist as they are completely unaware of the product or the company. This came to as low as 4% of the people that was taken for the survey. Considering the management of the various social media, it is always interesting to watch how the people respond to the companies. One of the owners of a firm says it is very important to cultivate relationships with people. He also points out that there is no need of having 10,000 fans when people really don’t respond to the company mails. Those who ignore the ads from the companies are just useless as far as the companies are considered. Companies would feel great if they have got 100 active, involved fans rather than unresponsive 10,000 plus fan base! Our packages in Social Media Marketing will really help you to get a great online presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
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