The best Tips for Personal Blogs

Search engine optimization is not simply meant for business websites only. Even your personal blogs can rank high with a few tips. Link building is very important for your blog to be popular as well as to increase traffic. The main thing is your blog should include in some blog listings. When it is specific, your blogs can be found easily through searches. For example, slow travel lists blogs that has theme as travel. Similarly a well targeted search reveals hundreds of opportunities. Mainly there can be three levels of queries:

  • Overall blog topic
  • Category theme
  • Post-specific

Category theme is related to your primary areas while post-specific is associated with the single topic you have authored. So make design your blog accordingly. Similarly, never miss online forums and Q&A sessions as it ends referrals to your site from those who check out your profile. There are a large number of portals that can help drive traffic and attention through social “voting” or editorial review. So submission in these portals can drag traffic to your site. Whenever you post something new in your site, never miss to post it on your Twitter, Facebook or other social networking profiles.

Guest comments also play a good role in the publicity of your site. A strong comment not only gives verbal publicity, but also a higher rank in the search engines. Another technique is to maintain a blog roll in your site so the number of links increase will act as an advantage to increase the rank. Also, for others to connect to your link, you should actively participate and build relationships with other sites also. Even in ‘bio’ or the space where you introduce yourself, you can give links and reference to other sites.

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