The Do’s & Dont’s in PPC Advertising

PPC advertising includes creation of ad copies which are specific to the intended keywords and web content. In that case, it is very important to create innovative content that has the perfect blend of keywords, landing pages and other advertising tools. To achieve this rate of success, there are some tips to be followed sincerely.

Do#1 Catchy headline

An effective headline is the most important part to optimize the use of keywords and improve the quality of the website. In order to choose a compelling headline, you can search the user query lists and update the keywords ad groups. A catchy headline can grab the visitors’ attention to increase the bids of PPC. Sometimes, the task gets better by including the keywords in the title itself.

DO#2 Include calls to action (CTA)

The PPC marketing strategy becomes more effective and productive if the landing pages include the similar keywords that are in your ads. It is essential to implement unique value propositions and distinct web content to attract more useful visitors. It is important to be different from the other competitors so that users can find something new and convincing. Keywords insertion is another technique to advance updating.

DON’T#1 Use Irrelevant Links

You should never try to use irrelevant links and tags to distract the traffic to the destination page. This will lead to lower scores of the keywords and will gradually decrease the bids of PPC. The quality of the website also gets demeaned and the ads may get banned due to the spamming charges.

DON’T#2 Generate Vague Ad copies

You must try to avoid writing gross ad copies just for the sake of completing the task. An ad copy is the main source of promotion and so it is very important to produce effective copy of the advertisement. This can be made possible by the intelligent use of logic and space available for the website. You must not divert for the basic logic and reason of the ad and don’t try to overanalyze.

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