The Video Advertising Magic Formula

Video Advertising Tips

You would have noticed the increasing competition over keywords in the past few years if you are focusing on Google Ad Words to enhance your sales. So running a traditional Ad Words campaign has become more expensive as a result of these increased competitions.


Now the huge opportunity lies in Google Ad Words for video since the area remains undiscovered by many of the online marketers. The keywords are comparatively cheaper and the competition is not high. But before you switch on to the video ad words a few things are to be understood for running a successful campaign.


A Quick Analysis

The video ads are displayed in the Google Display Network or in Youtube during a video search. The greatest advantage of using video ads is that you can easily target your audience based on age, interests or other such categories. Thus it enables you to have more control in deciding your Ad viewers.


True View Ads by Google

True View ads as the name suggests, will charge the advertiser only if a visitor clicks on the video. It also provides a feedback to the advertiser about the ad viewers and their location. A timely analysis of this data will help you improve your keyword research and decisions on targeting audiences.

In-Stream, In-search and In-display are the three available formats of True View Ads.
  • In-Stream Ads are displayed in the beginning, middle or in the end of a Youtube video uploaded by the partners (A user who earns from the ads placed in his videos).
  • In-Search Ads are displayed while searching for specific keywords and the advertiser will be charged only when users click on the video.
  • In-Display Ads are labelled as ads on the Youtube Watch page and the advertisers are charged only when a user clicks on the video.

Create an Attractive Video Ad

Ads that provide real value to the viewer are considered best performing ads. In today’s world people are more likely to get bored with lengthy videos, so it is always preferred to create a short length informative ad. Take for instance two ads, one that attempts to sell a product and another one which provides information on how to use the product. Chances are more that viewers will click on the latter. “What attracts your audience” is something to be kept in mind while creating video ads.


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