Things to Consider On Writing Quality Content After Google Penguin Update

On April 24, Google rolled out their latest penguin update which is mainly targeted at web spam.  The change in algorithm is intended to decrease the rankings of those sites which have been found to be violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. In this scenario it becomes extremely important to create content that are original and optimized for best results, but not over optimized as Google made it clear. Some tips on writing quality content for optimizing your website after the penguin update is discussed below.

Remove Old & Unnecessary Content

If you haven’t updated some of your pages for a long time, it’s time to dump them. The outdated pages can include sales pages with expired offers, articles or any other content. Such pages do not leave a good impression on your visitors and they might choose to move to another website to find what they are looking for.

Write On Interesting Topic

Create content that are interesting and of social interest. This will help your articles to stay alive with comments and shares. Use social networking sites to promote your articles and reach more audience.

FAQ Section

This is a must for any website. Even though your website might provide all the relevant information, it’s always a good option to include a FAQ section, which might address the basic queries a visitor might come up with.

Insert Keywords Wisely

Do not stuff your posts with keywords. Use keywords only when it seems appropriate and logical. Google has decided to be aggressive against those sites with keyword stuffed content with the Penguin update.

Use New Content Ideas

Do not write about the same topic always. Look for new and relevant ideas and write on those topics which might keep your visitors attracted.

A Great Resource

Create contents that are highly informative and useful for your visitors. Compel your visitors with quality articles and make your website as good as any other authentic resource of information.

Bulleted Style

Search engines are believed to give more weight age to bulleted style content as it is easy for readers to comprehend the information. Make sure that the bullet points are almost same in length and do not extend to the next line.


Newsletters are a good way to keep in touch with your subscribers. Use them to inform your subscribers about the latest offers and keep them visiting your website with constant interaction.

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