Tips For Cost Effective Higher Adwords Conversion

Improve Your Landing Pages

Good landing pages are the key to good Adwords conversion rate. Ensure that your landing pages are attractive and also filled with quality content. Do not try to draw the attention of users to any irrelevant stuff.Keep the page simple and polished.

Create Unique Landing Pages for Each Ad Group

Group your similar keywords and make an ad for each group. Understand what the user is trying to search and guide them to the proper landing pages. Using ad group specific landing pages, you can further increase the relevancy by substituting keywords on your landing pages.

Test Your Landing Pages in Google Instant Preview

The Google Instant Preview is a great tool to test your landing page. By previewing your landing page, you will be able to focus more and make any changes if necessary. This will greatly help you in improving your landing page and stay ahead in the competition.

Create Separate Campaigns and Landing Pages for the Content Network

With the help of Google, it is very easy to extend your search network campaigns to the content network. But it doesn’t necessarily mean higher conversion rate. Instead of simply duplicating your search network, try to test unique landing pages, ads etc. at the content network level.

Pull a Search Query Performance Report

Evaluate how well your efforts have worked well for you and what else could be done to improve it. Google’s Search Query Report is a very useful tool for this purpose. This will help you understand which queries triggered your ads and how many led to conversions. You can then use this data to include new, cheaper keywords to your Ad groups and get an overview of how users think about your product and service. Our Google Adwords Remarketing specialists will help you make the best decisions regarding your Google Adwords campaign. Call us for a free consultation!