Tips For Using Google’s Display Campaign Optimizer

The Display Campaign Optimizer from Google is an automated tool that can be used to manage targeting and bidding for campaigns so that more and more conversions can be achieved. Once the creative, target CPA and budget are provided, the tool finds the best places to place your ads for more conversions. Here are the tips on how to use the Display Campaign Optimizer more effectively:

Provide More Data

The Display Campaign Optimizer, like any other automation tools works best when provided with accurate data. Therefore, to get maximum benefit out of this tool, you must provide it with data that are more accurate.

Set The Target CPA Above The Average

To make the DCO work effectively, you should set it at the target CPA initially, which is obviously higher than the average of the campaign. This should be so done to provide more flexibility to the tool. The DCO would use the current performance and historical data to judge where the ads should be placed.

Gradually Reduce The CPA

Another tip to manage the DCO is to set a higher target CPA and then reduce it gradually. This would not only improve the overall CPA but would also help in increasing the conversions around the target CPA.

Managed Placements Campaign

The DCO should not be used in case you are running a campaign with managed placements with certain keywords. This is so because DCO does not recognize a campaign that has managed placements and keywords and it generates automatic placements in spite of your having opted out of such placements.

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