Tips to manage the online reputation of your company

There is no specific rule book when it comes to maintaining your reputation online. You will find people adopting different methods to achieve this. While some succeed, others fail. Also known as online reputation management, it gives the owners a chance to understand the consumer needs and solve their issues quickly. Online credibility has a huge impact on consumer decisions and their trust on a particular brand. Now, people consider online reviews as personal recommendations and over 88% trust online reviews, completely. Establish a strong online presence: You should know that building online presence takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight. In order to build your presence online, claim your free business listings on industry-related online directories and create social media pages. Social media gives you an opportunity to post and share information 24/7. You can present your business in such a way that it caters to your fan base. Understand which social media platform works for your business and which doesn’t and focus your efforts on the important ones. On the other hand, big directories ensure fair amount of search results for your business. Listen to your audience: Knowing what is being said about your brand can help you take the right business decisions. Various online reputation management tools can help you achieve that. These tools track mentions of your business. The first thing you can do is set up a Google Alert for your business name. Social media is a place where you will receive suggestions and customer feedback. You can use them to improve the product or service you are currently offering. This is the best way to build your reputation online. Respond to your audience immediately: Whether it is a positive review or a negative one, people trust online user reviews. Dissatisfied customers nowadays use social media as a last resort to complain. A study suggests that 25% of customers expect a response within an hour and 6% expect a response within 10 minutes. Therefore, you should not overlook such complaints from customers. You should respond to them immediately, apologize if necessary, and resolve the issues. If there is a positive outcome, you should make your response public instead of sending an email. The situation should be handled professionally and positively, so that it doesn’t damage your reputation. Online marketing experts at Gazelle Interactive can help businesses optimize positive reviews and manage the negative comments. By taking proactive measures, businesses can win loyal customers and strengthen their online reputation.