Tips to manage Your Online Reputation


Online reputation management helps to establish the credibility of a business and helps to keep the most relevant and useful results about you on the first page of search engines. A single mistake or a negative image can surely makes the competitors ahead of the competition by putting yourself in the last lap. The reputation management has a lot of positive aspects as it not only buries the negative search results but also keeps the most important business news, client interactions, web assets etc. on the top of search result pages. Some of the most useful and necessary tips for reputation management are:

 Claim your Brand Name

Claiming your brand name online is the first step in managing your online reputation. Brand name should be selected in accordance with your business criteria’s and future goals. It’s better to use the brand name across all business activities which you are dealing. Make sure that the brand name is not misused or misrepresented in online activities, whether your brand is your name, your business name or your product name.

Handle your Brand Name

Once you have locked up the username accounts found through various resources, the next step is to manage it properly. Instead of wasting the time on various online management accounts, focus on the top online management accounts like facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, Yelp etc. Completing the profile and adding some content, photo and providing links to other websites or accounts of yours favors a lot of advantages.

Keep an Eye on Brand Name

One of the most important parts in reputation management is monitoring your brand online. It’s a difficult task to monitor each search results, blog posts, tweets and status updates. Although it consumes a lot of time, it need not be accurate always. Seeking the support of tools available for businesses like Trackur, Monitor This, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, Google search, Bing Search etc. not only makes the work easier but also helps to save your valuable time which can be used for other business activities.

Fix your Brand Name

If there are situations which is less than favorable for your company and business, immediate action needs to be taken so that the company and brand do not suffer from the effects of negative publicity. Publishing quality contents, creating profiles, posting client testimonials on your website, blogs, forums and social media profiles etc. helps to get rid of negative results occurring on search results.


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