Top Tools in Social Media

The numbers of users on social networking sites are increasing at a rapid rate. An amazing fact on these networks is that people are ready to try whenever a new site comes into scene. The applications in each social network sites are entirely different from one another. Today, if you observe, there is an ever growing number of tools being introduced across various Social Media sites and still people demand more of these. Here are a few peculiar tools of social media sites available: Some of the useful and popular tools used in various Social Media Sites are:


Tweetdeck: This Tool is used for some of the serious twitter sessions. Most of the users find it quite helpful and hassle free while updating the Twitter, Facebook and LInkedin simultaneously. Tweetie: This is a real cool application for Mac that can be an hour-to-hour choice for twitter. Though it is not having the advanced function of Tweetdeck it’s a simple app favorite by many people.


As far as Facebook is concerned there are not many useful tools. Facebook Lite is a tool that can work on cutting down lot of distractions and get you a more refined threaded news feed, birthdays and events.

Virality & Search

Topsy: Topsy is one of the new favorite with virality tool, tracking mechanism and social listening post blended together. It has an improved metrics and better intelligence capabilities. Sexy Bookmarks Plug-in: This excellent plug-in improves the social sharing user interface. What Would Seth Godin Do: This can be used to include a little message before or after each of the post allowing you to ask readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. Our social media marketing packages can offer you all you need to engage effectively with your audience and acquire more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for a free consultation.  
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