Top Tweets, Images and Videos: New Phase of Sorting From Twitter

Twitter has come up with new options to make the search easier. Along with “Top Images” and “Top Videos”, this social networking site has also added “Top Tweet Results”. It is very different from usual Twitter search results in which the very recent tweet comes on the top without considering real relevancy or quality. Unlike other search engine results that show relevant results by default settings, twitter rates. “Top Tweets” will be different for each individual. Personalizing in the rating of “Top Tweets” does not mean it only shows results from people you know, or only results you like though it will give a little preference to that too. If you are not interested to get a personalized result, you can log out and search to get a general set of “Top Tweets” without personalization. There are also “Top Images” and “Top Videos” lists in Twitter. But this can be seen only when you are logged in. Most of the people prefer not to upload pictures in Twitter as it doesn’t give better experience. To cover that, Twitter has come up with a new feature in which, you can select an image or video to view it within Twitter along with the context about the tweet that is provided. Apart from “Top Images”, Twitter has also announced its own photo sharing service. This service offers two important features:
  • Sharing of photos become much easier
  • Rights of those who share photos are protected
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