Tracking your competitors simple and easy!!!!

Once you have successfully achieved the desired conversion rate, the growth of your business is ensured. E-commerce is a never ending process as it is not an easy task to meet the expectation of the buyers and sellers. The internet has made it easier for businesses to expand at a greater level crossing all geographical boundaries across the globe. The net savvies over the World Wide Web have varying expectations and you need to be extraordinary to meet their desires which will help you stay in the business with a consistent success level. Tracking your competitors will help you to improve the characteristics of your business.

Here are a few simple steps to track your competitors over the internet :

Comparison over paid search

Digital advertising is the best way to gain visibility over the search engines when your potential prospects are searching you. Digital advertising implies success in sales through the brand awareness that it generates.  Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. along with the search engines place a high priority to the newly sponsored ads, directing substantial amount of traffic to these ads. A company that has stayed for long over the internet, with its E-commerce site is aware of the importance of posting sponsored ads, and hence, they are not ready to risk a chance of falling below their competitors.

Check out your competitor’s paid spend using and you can detect the reason why they stay ahead of you.

Track the media ads and offers, your competitors promise

Media Ads and offers are yet another category where you lose grounds to your competitors. There are online tools available, where you can check and compare with others – what kind of deals over the products and services are highly in demand. Certain questions like – are they providing free shipping, or whether they offer any discount on each and every purchase transaction, can help you to track what makes them different from you.

Competitor fame over the social media

Check in on your competitor’s activities over the social media sites such as Facebook. Track the Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, etc. over the newer and recent posts. You can make use of such Insights to track your competitor activity over the Facebook. Apart from Facebook you can also track them over LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to learn where you are losing.

Competitor analysis will help you to grow better in your endeavor to achieve success in business. We can help you to judge your business growth and support you for reaching above your competitors. Call 888-814-8599 and find out how!