Understanding and Avoiding the Common Mistakes in Pay Per Click Advertising

Common Mistakes in Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the effective and easy ways to market your business online is using pay per click (PPC) and paid search campaigns. Pay per click campaigns are nothing but strategically placed, keyword-based advertisements on search engines. Companies can generate more leads without spending too much on marketing. Considering that most of the business networking and online businesses happen online, it makes sense to make use of paid search campaigns.

Although most of the online businesses have started to take advantage of it, very few know how to implement them properly. A PPC campaign that is poorly managed can do more harm than good and that’s just throwing money down the drain. An effective campaign should be able to get people to click the ad and convert them to potential customers. For implementing successful campaigns, you should know the techniques that work for you and that doesn’t. Also, the whole process could be a lot simpler than it looks, if you understand and avoid the, following, common mistakes people make when using them.

1. Focusing on broad search terms and keywords

There is no point in running a PPC search ad campaign using broad search terms and keywords as the competition for general keywords are fierce and it is unlikely that your ads will rank highly in search results. The more you narrow your PPC keywords down to the searches your potential clients are using to find your business, the better the chances for success.

2. Single campaign for both display and search ads

While creating campaigns, you should treat display ads and search ads differently as your potential clients will not have the same reaction seeing each of them. Visual ads are more about visually attractive images, whereas search ads are short and compelling with the right keywords. Keep in mind the purpose you want to meet, and then create the right type of PPC ad.

3. Starting with a big budget

This is a mistake you should avoid. Always, begin with a small budget, track your results and then gradually increase your budget spend. If you are seeing an ROI then you should probably stop and adjust your campaigns and make changes. A budget should be solely based on ROI and therefore, always set a limit.

4. Poor landing pages

When it comes to conversions, landing page plays a significant role. A poorly constructed landing page will not offer the results you need. The trick to convert prospects into leads is to create effective calls to action landing pages that contain relevant content, and simple online forms.

5. Overlooking marketing test

This is one of the mistakes marketers does, they overlook the simple test before running the campaign. Running a traditional A/B marketing test is important to achieve the best results for your campaign. This gives you a chance to analyze the highest click-through rate, where prospects are coming from, and to understand other important insights. It is wise to do the test and save money and generate leads.

You might be busy running your PPC marketing campaigns, but may fail to notice how well your competitors are doing with their campaigns. In order to succeed, you should keep an eye on your potential competitors, research what they are doing and then doing something better than their marketing efforts.

Pay-Per-Click demands constant updating, so keep researching and implement the ones that works for you. We at Gazelle Interactive can help you create PPC campaign tailored to your needs and understand your business market completely. Call us today 888-814-8599.