Use SEO Data & Metrics to Improve PPC Results


The SEO data and metrics obtained can be very helpful in improving the PPC results. It should go hand in hand in order to achieve the desired PPC results.

 Include new keywords

Whether you crawl through an organic search queries or not, time has arrived to fill gaps in your PPC keyword structure. There will be a great chance of missing opportunities from your finger tips when the customers start finding you through new vocabularies or keywords. So, it’s time to include new keywords to meet your goals.

Save money on broad match

If there are keywords which rank in the top few spots organically and you lose money on PPC placements for the same keyword, bid down the keyword is the best solution. Bidding on phrase match versions having higher conversion potential works much better.

Prove that the sum is greater than its parts

There has always been an argument based on the payment for keyword clicks in PPC. If the keyword ranks organically without making use of the PPC services, then there is no need for paying on PPC. But it’s better to find the terms that wouldn’t be much successful without representing in both mediums and continue to be aggressive with those.

Check out the pages with high bounce rates

Bounce rate is a criterion which helps to evaluate the performance of websites. By looking at the conversion process and checking out the bounce rates, suitable measures are adopted to keep more customers in the funnel. Not only PPC, but also better conversion rates are good for all traffic sources.

Choose new geographic targets

By simply looking at organic search traffic from a suitable location, you can pick out the areas of opportunity and select the areas where you should focus. This is similar to the strategy of finding new keywords. Find a new area where your brand is gaining high search volumes and target the audience there with bids and ad copies based on the conversion data.

Find out load speed issues

Site speed problems are not good for quality scores. Find out the pages with low site speeds with the help of analytics and be ahead of the curve with adjustments. Sites which require less loading time has more significance among visitors, as they will not prefer to waste their valuable time by sitting in front of lagging websites.

Stay ahead of Competitors

Check out the ranking reports and make sure that you are ahead from competitors. Focus on the keywords on user’s point of view and include more keywords which the users prefer to use and the competitors not using much.


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