Using Online Video Integration in a Better Way

Videos are to be used in a better way for getting people to know about your company. Most of the people will find it so lazy to read any article to get to know about the firm. So viewing videos are the most preferred methods used by most of the people. Videos could represent things in a very simple and effective manner. For example, if someone wants to buy a mobile, he could get a clear picture about its usage when he sees its video where he could see how the mobile works.

The video that we upload can be used for getting a good rank in the search results. The most popular video viewing website being the YouTube, mostly we find YouTube embedded videos in the other sites. We could also upload our video to YouTube and give the video on another site. But when a user clicks on to it, it doesn’t go to our site, instead to YouTube.

But you can direct the user towards your site by the following methods. We just need to edit the HTML code. First grab the YouTube video embedded code. Then add paragraph HTML tag at the beginning and end of the code. Add a line break after the closing object tag. After the break tag, enter the wanted text. Add your link code and target URL. If you want someone to copy this code, place a <text area element having the java script and selecting all the text when a person click on the text area like <textarea onclick=”this.focus();;”> </textarea>. We must place the HTML code for the YouTube video inside the text area code, replacing the following characters:

  • < characters with & It;
  • > characters with & gt;
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