Using Social Media Effectively to Promote any Event

Sitting a whole day in a tightly packed hall to attend a seminar or work shop is now an outdated episode. Social media has now taken up the burden of planning, promoting and organizing events. Here are a few steps to effectively conduct a program through social media:
  1. Check out how many potential attendees will be there to attend your program. This can be done by some voting sessions.
  2. Most importantly, create an event page in a social networking site. Once a page is created, go for promotion of the event with programs like lucky draw contests. You can use platforms such as Facebook Events, EventBrite or Linkedin (if it’s a business event)
  3. Pull more of potential attendees as it draws closer to the event may be starting a contest in twitter is more appropriate here. Teaser content or a simple viral video is ideal.
  4. Pick a hash tag for your event, so that the attendees and remote watchers can monitor on twitter. It is advisable to have shorter ones.
  5. Many people are interested in voting through text messages, so this interface can be used extensively. With more softwares built into android, iPhones and smart phones, this provides an increased opportunity to utilize this media.
  6. You can create your own media or a webinar during the event. Ustream allow you to stream live video of your event for free. You can set up an official Flickr gallery for the event, and can allow attendees to take photos and upload them. Try creating tweets with sound using
These are few of the recommendations to make an event real big and successful. Our social media marketing packages can offer you all you need to engage effectively with your audience and acquire more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for a free consultation.    
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