Youtube Video Optimization

YouTube has over 490 million users and you need to know how to use it effectively. Your uploaded videos must be viral enough, taking care of some of the important factors which are discussed here. In short, the video must be optimized. You must understand the keywords that must be used for proper Youtube video optimization

Finding Your Keywords

It’s important that you make a decision on what you’re targeting and find out what people searching for. There is a good tool for getting exactly what you are looking for in matters of what people search and appropriate keywords. The tool at – has the features like
  • Suggesting keywords to you, similar to those entered.
  • Number of searches per month,that comes up with a list of keywords that are relevant.
  • Showing keywords searched by a sufficient amount of users.

The Algorithm

YouTube is owned by Google and so the searching algorithm is similar to that of the Google. The only thing you can control on your video is Title, Description, and the video’s Tags. You can never get a control on amount of views, the amount of likes, and the comments.


Title is what that shows on the top of your video. Find the appropriate keywords and include in the title. It must not be so long and must not look spammy.


The next thing you can control is the description. Try to use as much as keyword possible here. This part must be in a readable format, but be very conscious to include your keywords. Do not stuff the keywords, this is call a black hat method and may end up as banning your account by search engines.


This is the area where you can really stuff the keywords. Include as much as keyword that viewers potentially search for. There is a 500 character limit, so utilize this by using keywords that are 100% relevant to your content.

Likes and Comments

The more likes and comment you receive, the more good it is for you. But there are negative likes too, when you get more negative likes the videos will be at a lower place on the results. People could also subscribe your videos, which is shown on your profile.


Most of the people notice the amount of views for a particular video. Even if a user doesn’t completely view your video, it counts as a view.

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