Various Possibilities of Google Plus

Google Plus the new social media venture from the giants has been successful as expected to gain millions of users worldwide. Already we have seen many numeric charts that show its growth. Many of the notable persons have shifted from Facebook to Google Plus and many others have placed a calling-card avatar to point their Facebook fans to their new digs on Google Plus. Here we can discuss few of the possibilities on true impact of Google Plus on blogs and the bloggers who blog on them.

Blog Takeover

There is a definite possibility that bloggers will decide that instead of maintaining a domain and dealing with the issues that come with blog hosting they better start publishing full posts on Google Plus which is easier and practical. Many bloggers have already reported that there is a much higher engagement level on Google Plus than those found on Facebook or even within blog comments.

Blip on the Radar

Another possibility is that this will fail to offer something better than what Facebook or any other social media sites are right now. The initial fervor will wear off; the general public will fail to sign up, Companies, spammers, social gamification, and self-promoters will overrun the space and make it boring.

Something In-between

Google will be adding more and more features for individuals and businesses to make Google Plus more attractive, but if it is trying to become a true blogging platform alternative it won’t be doing anything more than what Blogger has done for Google. This can be more successful in helping people to monetize and gain audiences than existing platforms have done. At present the indexation and SEO components of Google Plus are sparse and true ownership is nil. Our Social Media Marketing Services are capable of bringing out the best results within a short time period.