Web Site Quality- Google Quality Guidelines

Measuring the quality of the content of your page is something crucial. Search engines seem to be giving more emphasis on the quality of web pages. So this post can help you to know if Google looking for the quality content on pages as part showing in the search results what exactly they consider to calculate the quality of pages. Here are the guidelines for quality from Google: One of the most important resources while talking about the credibility of website is the Stanford Persuasive Technologies Lab as they have published the Stanford Credibility Guidelines in 2002. These guidelines are based on a joint study conducted with Consumer Reports Webwatch, titled How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility. Though there is a considerable value to both the guidelines as well as the study behind it, they primarily focus on credibility than quality. Credibility is a prime factor that determines the quality of a web site, but there is more about quality than how credible people find a set of web pages. As per the information provided by Google on their pages about what they look at when considering the quality of what they see online includes information about advertisements and landing pages, and their landing page and site quality guidelines. The three main aspects to these guidelines include:
  • Original and relevant content
  • Transparency
  • Navigability
Google’s Webmaster Guidelines also provide some important things to consider when creating a web site. Once you follow these guidelines Google will surely find, index, and rank your site. Many of the problems on websites can be resolved by paying much of attention to these guidelines. Our Web Design packages can help you to build professional websites at the most affordable prices.    
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