What is killing your PPC campaign?

The success of a PPC campaign depends on how well it is planned, tested and implemented. From effective landing pages that convert to flawless content that excites, everything should be top-notch. Even though PPC professionals use the prescribed best practices for creating a PPC campaign, even a minor faux pas in the approach can kill a campaign. If you don’t have any experience in PPC, you should understand and avoid the most common PPC mistakes. Let’s check this out: Creating Ads that are not relevant Your ads as well as the associated keywords, should be relevant to your landing page. Doing this will not only help improve the Quality Score but also the CTR your ads get. If you get a higher Quality Score you will pay less for each click you receive. This means you get a much better return on investment (ROI). Even though ad relevance is an important factor, marketers very often use several keywords grouped together into a single Ad Group. This renders the ads irrelevant, and it affects the Quality Score adversely. Confusing CTR with conversions People often confuse click through rates (CTR) with conversion rates. CTR on the website and conversion rates are completely different. Although a CTR can lead to a conversion, it is not guaranteed. Don’t rest on your laurels just because the CTRs are good. Ignoring keywords and terms from ad copy The keywords you are bidding on in your PPC campaign and the Terms used in the ad copy are the two things your landing page should consist of. These keywords and terms  should  be included in such a way, that a reader can instantly and instinctively know that they have landed in the right place. These terms can be bolded and placed in headings or images, so that it would be easier for the reader to recognize them. Excluding a call to action Most of the accounts don’t have a clear call to action. Call to action is something you should never ignore; it must be prominently displayed on the landing page. A good call to action will help increase the clickthrough rate. Also, every call to action should use appropriate language and relevant, clear phrases. Call to actions such as ‘View More’ or ‘Browse Now’, are ideal if you want to drive user engagement, while ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Subscribe Now’ can help generate sales. Lack of testing Don’t forget to test, test, and test again! You need to create at least three variations of your advert, and new ads should be tested every month. The ads should be updated regularly to enhance the user experience and improve the CTR. Descriptions, display URLs, and calls to action are the important elements that need to be tested. Good luck with your PPC campaigns! We at Gazelle Interactive know how bad marketing decisions can affect your sales and ROI. Let us help you make smart decisions.