What Next After Adwords Content Optimization

  So you have done Google Adwords content optimization and it has resulted in greater exposure and conversion. Is that it? The answer is NO! Now you need to focus on what is working and try to make it better and also eliminate those things which are not working upto your expectations. Below are some of the steps you should work on after Ad Words content optimization.

Placement Performance Report

This report will help you differentiate between sites that are performing well and bad within your account. Group these sites in to two groups according to their ROI (Return on Investment) i.e.Sites with good ROI and poor ROI

Remove Non Performing Sites

From the performance report, you will be able to determine sites that are generating good amount of clicks but no conversion. Find those sites and block them using the site exclusion tool.

Start A Placement Targeted Campaign

Use the placement performance report to find out which sites are working well for you. Then use these sites to work more often than the rest. Start a placement targeted campaign and load these working sites into the new campaign.

Use Google’s inventory

Google’s Inventory is a great way to find out other sites that may help to improve your campaign performance. You could add search sites by category or by describing topics that may be of interest to your core audience.

Create New Ads

Try out various advertisement formats. Start with text ads as they are simple and have been successful. Image ads of various sizes and dimensions could also be used. Once you are confident enough, you may try click to play video ads too. We provide quality Google Adwords Remarketing for promoting your product through online advertisements. Call us for a free consultation!