What’s More Valuable: A Like or Click?

  Facebook is one of the important advertising channel for various reasons such as huge user base, an extraordinary amount of available data about users, and an impressive (and growing) set of targeting options. Facebook ads can lead to conversions as well as likes which is a good source to initiate a more long term relationship with potential customers which is a direct line to their News Feed. From an interesting post from National Healthcare Decisions Day site talks about the value of a Facebook “like” and it is worth sharing in this post. “Lots of brands and organizations may ask you to ‘like’ them on Facebook,” says Christian Sinclair. “It really is a sign of the times. In fact we are asking you to do the same thing. But our aim may be somewhat different. We are not in it for the numbers; we are doing this for the engagement. A superficial click to like can make executives happy when they show more followers and more fans, but what really counts is what you do after the click.” “Don’t get us wrong, we do want your click, but we will ask a little more from you,” Sinclair continues in the post. ”After you click ‘like’ make sure you stick around a while, leave a comment, send us a tip about advance care planning in the news, share what you read here with your friends. Get people excited about what you really like. Then your click on the ‘like’ button becomes much more valuable.” The like means continued engagement. That is simply going to provide more value for the long term. So, the short answer to which is more valuable is: it depends. Establish the goals you are hoping to achieve with your campaign, and place your efforts accordingly. If a click is your primary goal, consider test different ad copy and landing pages (which luckily could help you improve your likes anyway). Our social media marketing packages can really help you to get more audience there by more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for free consultation.