Who Should Listen to Social Conversations

Listening is important in every sector. In the present era, when social media communication plays a vital role in deciding the progress in a business, it is necessary to pay attention to online conversations. There are a few areas in business that should be listening to these conversations while promoting a product through social media:


Though Social media can’t act as a direct medium for sales, you have plenty of opportunities here. There are listening programs that can help you to find prospects when timing is good. For instance, if you are into local home improvement and want to see some sale happening, you can add some interesting phrases like recommendations for a grill which is more like a consultative selling.

Marketing & PR

Delivering a perfect message for your customers is more important that is why marketing and public relations professionals spend a lot of time framing this. Listening will surely lead you to the same language being used by the people you are trying to reach.

Customer Service

The general tendency of the customers today is that they express their concerns, questions and grievances over social media channels as they find the traditional channels much less helpful. So listening is the perfect way to capture such comments; this can help you to have a quick response. As this listening platforms gets more integrated into the customer service you can extend your connections with call center systems, customer relationship management software and other information centers that can help track those important customer interactions in social media. Our social media marketing packages can offer you all you need to engage effectively with your audience and acquire more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for a free consultation.